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Labour inspectors

Labour inspectors work with employers and employees to make sure that employment laws are applied properly in workplaces.

Labour inspectors monitor and enforce minimum employment conditions set out in various Acts of Parliament. A labour inspector may investigate complaints about possible breaches of minimum entitlements, such as the right to paid holidays, and enforce the law where there is non-compliance. Labour inspectors also provide employees and employers with information and education to enable them to become compliant with the law; and assist employers to implement systems and practices in the workplace that comply with the minimum standards.

A labour inspector may agree to an Enforceable Undertaking or issue an Improvement Notice. These approaches would require an employer to take steps to address breaches of the law and may include steps to address the underlying causes of those breaches. A demand notice issued by a labour inspector requires an employer to comply with legal obligations in relation to wages or other payments to individual employees.

You can be referred to a labour inspector by calling 0800 20 90 20. An inspector will then contact you.