Bereavement leave

What is bereavement leave?

Bereavement leave is a special kind of paid leave that you can use if someone close to you dies.

What kind of bereavement leave do I get?

You need to have been employed for more than six months at one time to get bereavement leave if someone close to you dies.

If you are a casual worker and have been working for the employer regularly for six months, you may qualify for bereavement leave.  To qualify in your last 6 months of employment, you must have been working an average of at least 10 hours per week, includingat least one hour per week or 40 hours per month.

If an immediate family member dies like your parents, grandparents, brother or sister, the minimum amount of paid bereavement leave you can have is three days. You can take this at any time and for any purpose relating to the death.

If someone close to you dies who is not an immediate family member, you can get a minimum of one day of paid bereavement leave if your employer agrees that you have experienced a loss by their death.

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