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The Grim Harvest

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This summer and autumn the Department ran its ‘Grim Harvest’ campaign, reminding you to take extra care during the hottest and busiest times of the year.

As we move into winter, taking your workplace health and safety seriously is just as important. Remember, if a situation looks or feels dodgy then STOP. THINK about your options and DO act in the safest way.

Farmer's Weekly winter health and safety info sheet [pdf 2 pages 199KB]. HTML versions of this material can be found in our Factsheets section

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The Grim Harvest

Analysis of hundreds of the Department of Labour’s investigations shows an increase in workplace fatalities over the summer months.

The causes of the surge in summer fatalities include working longer hours as people try to make the most of good weather, fewer and often untrained staff filling in for those on holiday, dehydration, heat exhaustion, alcohol consumption and its residual effects, and the use of more contractors.

Taking lots of small breaks, drinking plenty of water and pausing to consider the risks of a job could save your life.

Use the fact sheets and real stories on these pages to ensure you are not part of this summer’s harvest.

Remember ‘Health and Safety – It’s no joke.’