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Children on Farms


Little Natalie was only two. Just once, the back door wasn’t latched. Her father, reversing a tractor out of the nearby shed, didn’t see her come into the yard.

With children on the farm, extra care just has to be taken.


Jane was a lively child. Standing on a spare tractor wheel leant against the shed was hardly playing - she was just passing time. But when the wheel toppled over she slipped and was crushed under its weight.

Spare tractor wheels should be tied to a wall or left lying flat on the ground.


Alan was helping out during the school holidays. He tried to clear a blockage of potatoes and soil from a harvester while the machine was still running. His right arm became trapped and he was pulled into the machine.

If he'd had proper training he'd have known to switch the machine off first.


Ben had no reason to be playing with the tractor. He'd been told to keep away, but 11-year-olds get tired of do's and don'ts. If the keys had not been left in the ignition and the round hay bale carrier placed on the ground, he wouldn't have been able to lower the round hay bale carrier onto his little sister.

Adults should take time to look around the farm, identify hazards that face children and put them right.