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Sarah - ATV incident

This photo shows a small canine sat on an ATV. The canine has no intention of driving the ATV.

Sarah’s story – taken from Aftermath, M. Adams et al

Sarah is a dairy farmer in her mid forties, managing a 300 hectare farm. Three days before Christmas Sarah’s ATV collided with a Ute being driven by her son, causing lacerations to her left knee and fractures to both hands.

The day of her injury was a busy one. It was the last day both her farm workers were to be there. Sarah admits they were all feeling rushed and pressured to get things done, and she felt annoyed that they were running behind schedule.

The house and farm buildings were connected to the road by a tanker track. This track was fairly and had trees growing alongside it, limiting the visibility on the corners.

This moody shot shows a close up of an ATV tyre. The tyre has thick, chunky tread and is well used.

Sarah had asked her son to go down the tanker track to get the mail while she made some phone calls. Once the calls were completed she went to the cowshed to load up the ATV with weighing, neutering and drenching equipment. By now she assumed that her son had returned with the mail. Sarah cut the corner and was on the wrong side of the track when she encountered the Ute. The vehicles collided; Sarah came off the ATV and was thrown past the Ute onto the track.

Sarah was in hospital for two days before being discharged with both arms in plaster. Her injuries meant that she was unable to participate in farm and home activities and was dependent on others throughout her recovery period.

Six months after the injury Sarah was still only fifty percent recovered and was still unable to do farm activities such as riding the bike and putting the cups on for milking due to the weakness and pain in her hands.

Not only was farm production down for the period of Sarah’s rehabilitation, she felt incredibly isolated and frustrated.

Remember that when you’re busy, it‘s even more important to take extra care. STOP THINK DO