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These online tools will help employees, employers and potential migrants understand some common issues about working and living in New Zealand.

FAQ knowledgebase

Search our knowledgebase of frequently asked questions about health and safety, employment relations, pay and holidays matters.

Ask a question about immigration

Ask a question about a wide range of immigration issues.


VisaView allows employers to easily confirm information about employees’ entitlement to work. It allows employers who have registered to check information, such as a passport number and surname, against Immigration New Zealand’s records and in most cases quickly receive back a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, together with the expiry date of the visa and any specific work conditions that may apply to the individual. VisaView also enables registered employers to confirm New Zealand passport information provided by the jobseeker.

Individual employment agreement builder

All employees must have a signed written employment agreement, whether it's an individual agreement or a collective agreement. The individual employment agreement builder gives examples of clauses from existing employment agreements; indicates clauses legally required in all agreements; and offers a range of clauses to meet any additional needs. Once you have identified the clauses you want you can put them into one draft agreement.

Employment letter builder

There are three covering letters for offers of employment that employers can customise. Each deals with a different circumstance.

Business Essentials

Business Essentials explains the basics of employment relations and health & safety requirements for running a business. It provides templates, examples and links to practical tools and more detailed information.

Collective bargaining

Embarking on collective bargaining can be a daunting exercise, full of practical problems and conflict, even for the most experienced advocates and representatives. This resource introduces you to collective bargaining and provides guidelines on preparation, engaging in negotiations and what happens when the bargaining is finished.”

My First Job

My First Job combines information from across the Department and other government departments for all issues relating to young persons in employment, parents and employers.

Parental leave entitlements

We provide a range of calculators to assist birth mothers, adoptive parents; their partners and employers work out parental leave entitlements. The calculators list entitlements and explain the process for applying for parental leave and parental leave payments.

Holidays and leave tool

The Holidays and leave tool is to point you in the right direction if you want to know about public holidays, alternative holidays, sick, and bereavement leave. It also has information about calculating payment for these days, as well as determining entitlements to public holidays.

Employment case law

Some determinations of the Employment Relations Authority and summaries of employment law cases are available from the Department of Labour searchable Employment Law Database.

Employment court decisions are available directly from the Employment Court.

Workplace Productivity Snapshot

The workplace productivity snapshot will help small to medium businesses identify productivity improvements. (Please note this is indicative only and does not provide scientific analysis business performance.)