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Jobs Online Background and Methodology - December 2009


A key role of the Department of Labour is to support improvements in the performance of the labour market. One of the ways we do this is by strengthening the knowledge base to provide the Department, Ministers, government agencies and other key stakeholders with authoritative labour market knowledge and insights.

The release of Jobs Online marks an important step forward for us, adding a key, up-to-the minute indicator of labour market performance. Jobs Online builds on the experience of the Department’s previous Job Vacancy Monitoring Programme, bringing our data collection into line with modern recruitment and statistical practice. Jobs Online brings together advertised job vacancy information from the major internet job boards, maximising the information value of the data they hold to create new labour market statistics without an increase in respondent burden or compliance costs.

This background report shows that there is a strong relationship between Jobs Online and a wide range of other indicators of labour market performance.

Jobs Online provides a key indicator of the overall performance of the labour market, but much of its strength is its ability to look at this performance in some detail. In particular, the data allows us to look at individual occupations and provides new insights that inform policy decisions in areas such as immigration, education and training.

Jobs Online would not have been possible without the willingness of the job boards to work in partnership with the Department. We are extremely grateful for their ongoing support.

Monique Dawson
Deputy Secretary
Work Directions


The Department of Labour gratefully acknowledges the support of our partners in Jobs Online.


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