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Labour Market Forecasting

Anticipating supply and demand in the labour market is a core service of the Labour and Immigration Research Centre. Analysis and commentary from our forecasting programme informs New Zealand employers and Government policy.

Short-term Employment Prospects: 2014-16
Released in March 2014, Employment prospects over the next 3 years to March 2016 are presented in this report which is an update on the employment prospects for the three years assessed in mid-2013.

Medium-Long Term Employment Outlook: Looking ahead to 2021
Released in November 2013, the employment outlook for the 2011-21 March year period is outlined in this paper, broken down by industry and occupation and is an update on the Medium-long term outlook released in mid-2012.

Labour Supply Forecasting by Age, Gender and Qualification
This report presents forecasts to 2015 for labour supply, working age population and labour force participation rates. The report describes the methodology and the conceptual framework for the forecasting process.

Medium-Long Term Employment Outlook: Looking ahead to 2020
Released in July 2012, these forecasts are broken down by industries, occupations and broad skill groups. Constraints on labour supply such as an ageing population and reduced growth in the labour force indicate that growth in the five years to March 2020 will be slightly lower than in the five years to March 2015. Hence with their longer-term outlook, these projections will be used to inform medium-long term policy advice relating to immigration policy settings, and priority setting for tertiary education and industry training.