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Labour Market and Skills Research

Welcome to the labour market and skills research pages. Here you will find information on labour market analysis, forecasting, jobs and skills, Māori labour market participation, and supplementary research including in-depth reports. You can find out more about the work in each area below.

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Labour Market Analysis

A role of the Ministry is to analyse statistics and trends in the New Zealand labour market. Here you will find:

Labour Market Forecasting

Anticipating supply and demand in the labour market is core to our service. Our Labour Market Forecasting page includes the short-term (2 year) and medium-term (10 year) outlook on the labour market.

Jobs and Skills

Our jobs and skills page is where you’ll find the Occupation Outlook 2014, a new mobile app containing information on fees, income and job prospects for 50 occupations in New Zealand, and Jobs Online, the monthly monitor of changes in job vacancies across Seek and Trade Me Jobs.

Maori in the Labour Market

We can help those interested in Māori development to better understand labour market trends among Māori.

Check out our Tū Mai Iwi tool to get a customised profile of labour market indicators for particular iwi—and then compare with other iwi, Māori, and the general population.

Research Programmes

In this section you’ll find links to specific research programmes and earlier research reports.


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