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The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Journey Part 3: Settlement


Beth Ferguson
Department of Labour


First, and most importantly, we would like to thank all those who participated in this study. Your willingness to open your homes and share your experiences has made this study possible and provided a unique insight into the needs, expectations and experiences of a new cohort of refugees resettling in New Zealand.

We would also like to acknowledge Radha Krishna Karki, who interpreted interviews and was an integral part of the study’s success.

The study would also not have been possible without the support and active engagement from Wendy Searle, Anna Gruner, Keith McLeod, Elizabeth Plumridge, Timothy Duke, Alison Gray, Sankar Ramasamy and Vasantha Krishnan. Thank you also to Geraldine Canham-Harvey, Jan Jeffery, Antoinette Tanguay, Anne Hartley, Judi Altinkaya, and Margreet Bos for their contributions and Roger Zetter for his expert review.

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