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Canterbury Labour Market

Publications on this page describe and analyse the labour market in Canterbury following the earthquakes that have affected that region since 4 September 2010.

Quarterly Canterbury Job-matching Report - September 2013 [pdf, 14 pages, 1.21MB]
The Quarterly Canterbury Rebuild Report published in December has been re-titled the Quarterly Canterbury Job-matching Report; this better reflects the report’s focus on labour market issues in Canterbury.

A Changing Landscape: Recruitment Challenges Following the Canterbury Earthquakes
This is the second report from the Canterbury Employers Survey run by the Department of Labour in October 2011.  It focuses on employers’ perceptions of recruitment and skills issues and looks at how they have responded to the initial challenges of recruitment following the earthquakes.

Employment Opportunities in Canterbury
The Christchurch and Canterbury economies are currently recovering from two major events: the economic recession and the Canterbury earthquakes. The full economic impacts are still emerging, and estimates vary substantially between economists.

A Changing Landscape: The Impact of the Earthquakes on Christchurch Workplaces
The earthquakes beginning in September 2010 have dramatically altered the economic as well as the physical landscape of Canterbury and disrupted the lives of Cantabrians and the places they work.

Rolling Conversation

The Department of Labour is carrying out a “rolling conversation” with senior executives of the major construction companies involved with the Canterbury rebuild. Canterbury Rebuild – Demand for Occupational Skills is the series of short reports from these conversations. These are available below.

Report No. 3, 12 December 2011
In the Department of Labour’s most recent contacts with construction companies involved with the Canterbury Rebuild, it was evident that there was very little change in the level of construction activity since September.

Report No. 2, 22 September 2011
The Department of Labour has again contacted major construction companies involved with the Canterbury rebuild to seek their views about the construction labour market. It was clear that the major issues noted in the Department’s July report were still current.

Report No. 1, 18 July 2011
This report is conducted based on information provided by five of the major construction companies that are involved in the Christchurch rebuild and the Alliance.

Canterbury Skills Shortage List

The Canterbury Skills Shortage List highlights occupations currently identified as in shortage during the Canterbury rebuild, following recent earthquakes in the region. Migrants in occupations on the lists can apply for temporary work visas under either the Essential Skills instructions or Work to Residence (Long Term Skills Shortage List) instructions. (Occupations under the Long Term Skills Shortage List instructions also have a pathway to residence available.) View the Canterbury Skills Shortage List [pdf file 3 pages, 26KB] or find out more about the Essential Skills in Demand Lists from the Immigration New Zealand website.