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Migration Trends and Outlook 2007/08


New Zealand's population is shaped by migration, with one in five New Zealanders born overseas. Immigration plays an increasingly important role as our population ages and we seek to attract the skills and talent to help supplement New Zealand's workforce.

New Zealand is part of an international migrant labour market where we compete with other countries for skilled workers to fill particular gaps in our labour market. New Zealand needs to meet the challenges of this environment and to balance the benefits and risks of immigration. Immigration also supports two major industries, tourism and export education as well as building international linkages and keeping up New Zealand's international obligations.

The Department of Labour's Migration Trends report is in its eighth year. This report will be used by the Department to assist the government to ensure that future policy meets New Zealand's needs, and to inform public discussion. The Department of Labour continues to develop immigration policy and deliver services to meet the changing international environment. Research is a valuable part of immigration policy development. Quality research can identify the kinds of migrants we attract, their participation in the labour market, and their settlement outcomes in New Zealand.

This report features a special feature on the economic impact of immigration. This report also includes for the first time a chapter on the global migration outlook. This research is used to inform immigration policy, marketing strategies, and the development of settlement services.