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Special Investigators - TV Series

Season 2

Special Investigators follows workplace health and safety inspectors for the Department of Labour, Civil Aviation Authority and Maritime New Zealand going about their daily business, and showcases the variety of hazards people can encounter in the workplace. Below are the episodes the Department featured in.

Episode 6 - Crane rope break  

During work on a construction site at a Christchurch shopping mall a crane is being used to move heavy steel beams.  A worker is lucky to escape with minor injuries after a crane rope snaps and a half tonne steel beam falls to the ground.

Episode 3 - Concrete Fatality

A simple dismantling job went horribly wrong at Lyttleton Port, Christchurch when a concrete panel weighing four and a half tonnes tipped over, crushing a labourer against a wall.

Episode 3 - 5m Construction Fall

On a construction site in Christchurch a worker’s first day on the job goes horribly wrong when he falls five and a half metres from a roof.

Episode 2 - Paper Reclaim Fatality

Stephen Williams, a forklift operator at Paper Reclaim, is fatally injured after being crushed by bales of paper each weighing more than half a tonne. It’s an absolute tragedy. The victim leaves behind a wife of 30 years and four children.

Episode 2 - Mission Bay Trench Collapse

A contractor is trapped in a deep hole at a residential driveway and rescue services are working to reach him. Department of Labour inspector Tracy Colby is called to the scene.