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Innovation from Everyone and Everywhere


This document has been developed to help refine our thinking around the role of the workplace and workforce, and the nature of skills, in regard to sustainable innovation.

The Department of Labour’s interest in innovation is focused on how we can:

The Innovation from Everyone and Everywhere discussion document

Chapter 1 - What is innovation?

We begin our discussion by looking at the many dimensions of innovation, and the importance of taking a broad view of what innovation is.

Chapter 2 - Three key principles

In this section we outline three principles: innovation from everyone and everywhere; customer-centricity and collaboration.

By taking an innovation from everyone and everywhere approach, New Zealand will be better placed to harness the most competitive resources we have – our people.

This section explores a customer-centric approach, not only in relation to existing customers but also to potential customers. We take a look at the importance of lead users, the changing nature of customer research, and the opportunities and risks of co-creation.

Collaboration is looked at both in relation to inside an organisation and across supply and value chains. The people and technology aspects are explored, for example how increased uptake of fast ICT and web 2.0 tools combine to increase opportunities.

Chapter 3 - Implications for firms

The final section looks at the implications for organisations and firms, focusing on the role of leadership; the importance of managing risk to enable learning from mistakes; the need for an agile workforce; the importance of culture; the challenges of assessing and measuring innovation capability and outputs; the relationship between innovation capability and skills; and the role of and skills leaders and managers.

(Summary of Chapter 3 will be published at a later stage)

If you would like an electronic copy of the full Innovation from Everyone and Everywhere discussion document, contact Labour Market Dynamics.