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Maori Labour Market Information

Māori Strategy 2008-13

Kūmea mai a muri, hurihia ki mua, whakamaua kia tina!

Drawing on the past, transforming the present, building a stronger future!

From July 2007 until December 2008, Labour Market Information, a part of the Department, led the design, development and launch of the Māori Strategy 2008-13.

From January 2009 onwards, the co-ordination for the implementation of the Māori Strategy was formally handed over to Executive Branch, a part of the Department of Labour.

The operational implementation of the Māori Strategy is to be carried out by all Work Groups through their Annual Business Plans. As a whole-of-organisation strategy, each work group will seek as best it can to deliver on achieving the two supporting outcomes of the Māori Strategy:

  1. Māori Workforce Development
  2. Māori Business Development.