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Linked Employer-Employee Data Research Programme

The Linked Employer-Employee Data Research Programme (LEED) is a multi-year project that is generating new research findings about workers and firms using linked employer and employee data.

The purpose of the LEED research programme is to obtain new insights into the operation of the labour market, the performance of firms and the outcomes of workers, to inform policy analysis. Rather than collecting new data, the programme uses existing administrative or survey data sources that have been linked together to allow new research questions to be addressed.


LEED is a longitudinal database that has been developed by Statistics New Zealand. It is based on the integration of monthly data on employee earnings (derived from Employer Monthly Schedules filed by employers) with data on employers and firms (derived from the Business Frame).

Over time, the scope of LEED is being expanded through the integration of other sets of administrative data. Data collected by the Ministry of Social Development on individuals benefit receipt histories was integrated in 2008/09. The feasibility of integrating information from the tertiary education system on enrolments and qualifications achieved is being investigated in 2008/09. Data from the Longitudinal Business Database is being integrated with LEED data for specific research projects.

More information on the LEED database can be found on the Statistics New Zealand website at http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/income-and-work/employment_and_unemployment/leed.aspx.

Department of Labours involvement in LEED research

The Department is one of several agencies that have seconded staff or research contractors to Statistics New Zealand, so that they can undertake research using LEED. Although funded by the Department, the resulting research papers are published as Statistics New Zealand research papers on the Statistics website.

Research Themes

Since 2004, research has been completed in the following areas:

For other LEED research outputs visit the Statistics New Zealand website: http://www.stats.govt.nz.