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New Zealand is currently experiencing an economic downturn. Labour market conditions have weakened, there are more redundancies and decreased job opportunities, and the number of people facing longer term unemployment (rather than short-term spells between jobs) is likely to increase. Apart from its social and fiscal costs, long-term unemployment may erode some of the skill benefits acquired from higher educational achievement and greater work participation and thereby have far-reaching future consequences.

Workforce 2020 is exploring the future labour market impacts of the recession and building data driven intelligence about the challenges, threats and opportunities facing at-risk workforces and sectors.

Identifying the Resilience of the New Zealand Workforce in a Recession

This report uses New Zealand and overseas evidence to identify the factors that increase peoples’ difficulty in reconnecting to work following job losses, and identifies concentrations of at-risk workers at an industry level.

The outcome of this research is a framework which identifies the relative differences in the New Zealand workforce across different industries.  The framework also provides a context for each industry by providing current and projected employment trend information.  Findings are being shared with stakeholders to help them to more easily identify and assist at-risk workforces through the recession and into the future.

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