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Factsheet - Keeping Children Safe on Farms

This image shows a a farmer carying a child in high-visibility overalls. The child is upside down in hte crook of hte farmer's arm.

Farms are unique environments where families work, live and play. This scenario is not repeated on such a large scale in any other industry or workplace. It raises unique challenges that other business operators don’t have to consider.

Farm owners and operators should take time to look around the farm and identify the hazards, particularly those that pose the greatest risk to children. Get the kids involved, a sort of safety ‘eye spy’.

The hazards children face

Tips for child safety on farms

This image shows a child in high-visibility overalls walking past a tractor. The child is walking, hand-in-hand with an adult, around the farm identifying hazards.

Children do listen, understand, remember and apply rules over time. But things change - seasonal work, new hazards, environmental changes, getting older, having friends over - farm safety needs to be constantly reviewed and updated.