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Take Care

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Analysis of hundreds of the Department of Labour’s investigations shows an increase in workplace fatalities over the summer months.

Over the last year 29 people died while working on farms, vineyards, forests and construction sites. In what is normally a festive season many families will be grieving the loss of a loved one; a loss that could have been avoided.

The causes of the surge in summer fatalities include working longer hours as people try to make the most of good weather, fewer and often untrained staff filling in for those on holiday, dehydration, heat exhaustion, alcohol consumption and its residual effects, and the use of more contractors.

Taking lots of small breaks, drinking plenty of water and pausing to consider the risks of a job could save your life. Fatigue can kill – don’t take on hazardous tasks when you’re tired.

Take care when using farm vehicles:

Use the fact sheets and real stories on these pages to ensure you can take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.

Remember to ‘Take care, so you can take care.’