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Payment while undertaking training on the job

Is an employee entitled to be paid while undertaking training on the job?

It depends on the type of training. Training undertaken as part of the employee's normal working hours (on the job training), must be paid. This includes new employees starting a job who need some form of training that is commonly undertaken on the job.

Training can also be given through conferences, after-hours seminars and workshops, or there may be opportunities to take more formal courses that lead to qualifications. An employer may choose to give study time and leave to attend these types of course.

Training outside of work hours or more formal courses of study are a matter for negotiation between an employer and employee. It is best practice to discuss upcoming training or study in advance and agree whether or not such training will be paid. Whatever is agreed should be put in writing to ensure everyone understands the terms and conditions of the training.

Some employees become apprentices - this means they study for a qualification related to the job they are doing and do training on the job at the same time.
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Date Modified: Thursday, 31 May 2012

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