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Notifiable Work

What types of work need to be notified to Worksafe?

The key to these calls is that all stages of the test must be fulfilled for it to be notifiable see underlined parts for guidance. If your are unsure if the type of work mentioned in the call fits the notifiable criteria then consult the lead advisor. However, part of the definition may be better appraised by the duty holder e'g' repair work of a minor or routine nature.'

The types of work that must be notified to the Worksafe New Zealand are defined in the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995. They cover:

(a) Any restricted work, as defined in regulation 2(1) of the Health and Safety in Employment (Asbestos) Regulations 1998.
(b) Any commercial logging operation or tree-felling operation.
(c) Any construction work of one or more of the following kinds:

  • Work where workers could fall 5 m or more, excluding work on a two-storeyed house, or work on a power or telephone line, or work carried out from a ladder only, or maintenance or repair work of a minor or routine nature.
  • The erection or dismantling of scaffolds from which a person could fall 5 m or more.
  • Every excavation which is more than 1.5 m deep and which is deeper than it is wide at the top.
  • Any form of tunnel or drive where workers work underground, irrespective of timbering or support.
  • Those excavations where the excavated face is steeper than 1 horizontal to 2 vertical.
  • Any construction work where explosives are used or stored.
  • Work such as diving, where construction workers breath air or any other gas that has been compressed or is under pressure.
  • Any construction work in connection with asbestos fibres.
  • Lifts of half a tonne (500 kg) or more (a vertical distance of 5 m or more) carried out by mechanical means other than by a mobile crane, excavator or forklift.

'Restricted work' as defined by the Asbestos regulations is also notifiable work.

Outdoor fireworks/pyrotechnic displays - HSNO

  • For outdoor pyrotechnic displays they need to email the response team with the key details

There is a known intermittent fault with the website notification process where a duty holder may not receive notice that their for has been received. The response team do not have resources to type letters for individuals that want confirmation or receipt as evidence. If they need evidence they may consider sending the notice via email or fax.  

The letter of the law states that every employer (definition for this section includes person in control) engaged in a notifiable activity must notify. However, in practice Worksafe New Zealand is happy to receive one notification for each undertaking.

Date Modified: Monday, 16 March 2015

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