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Maximum hours an employee can work in a day

What are the maximum hours an employee can work in a day?

The hours of work an employee works is a matter for agreement between the employer and employee.

It is common practice to agree, as part of your employment agreement, to undertake additional work, as reasonably required, by your employer and agree on appropriate compensation for this. See the 'Department of Labour Employment Agreement Guide' for examples of such clauses in employment agreements.

If an employer wishes to change an employee's hours of work, they will need to get the employee's agreement to do this. Click here for more information.

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, the employer has an obligation to take all practicable steps to ensure an employee is healthy and safe in the workplace. This includes ensuring an employee does not work hours that may put their health or safety at risk.

If an employee has concerns about the hours they are required to work, or about compensation for these hours, it is essential that they discuss this with their employer so that the employer is clear about the issue, and has an opportunity to address these concerns. If the parties are unable to resolve the issues, they can seek mediation assistance from the Department of Labour. Mediation is a free and impartial service that helps employers and employees resolve disagreements.

Click here for information on the first steps in solving a problem.


Date Modified: Thursday, 31 March 2011

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